It’s been a while
Confused on what to say
Broken words are uttered
I think I’ve lost my way

You said you’d always love me
I keep asking is it true?
Even after all my mistakes
I should come back to you

But would you accept me?
Or dismiss me like a court case?
I feel bound by my past
All I wanted to be was free

Maybe you forsook me
Like the many that came before
I’m lost like the Prodigal Son
And I’m knocking on your door

Last Time

We haven’t talked in a while

I haven’t gone senile

It’s just I’ve been busy

Spinning in circles, getting dizzy

I know what you’re saying

If I talk to you more, I’d be straight

But it’s so much on my plate

If this is a game, I’m not playing

Can I just be honest?

I can’t remember

The last convo we had

Is my connection really that bad?

I don’t remember

When I read your words last

Or even thanked you

For the present and the past

I don’t remember

The last time I went to your house

Or even seeked your face

No rush, I’m going at your pace

The Well

Everybody comes, friend or foe

Bringing their empty cup

Longing for what I have

Desperate to fill them up

They only care about their need

But I’m supposed to play a role

To give them what they lack

So to their buckets, I heed

Nobody ever wonders

“What about you?”

Some try but they hear an echo

Others get a surface answer

To be honest, it’s hard

They only see me for what i give

A well full of water

But who fills me up?

When I run dry, who supplies

The water that they need?

I’ll just wait for the rain

Of disappointment and greed

When I’m empty, they’re mad

Maybe I’m in a drought too

But nobody really cares

Because giving water is all I do

No more

I don’t wanna create

The energy has left

I feel like dam

Ready to break

What can I say?

That hasn’t already been said

I’m ready to retire my pen

And lay in my bed

Does any of this matter?

Do I even care?

I’d rather cover my soul

Then to lay it bare

Healing comes after the pain

Sunshine after the rain

Washing after the stain

Medicine after being insane

No more I’m tired

I’m sorry I tried

Maybe it’s pride

Or all the tears I cried

Is there a point?

I don’t know

Myself I’ll disappoint

And let the tears flow

Absent Vision

Without a vision, the people perish
What if death is what they cherish?
Maybe they’re fine with being blind
But how many are being left behind?

We don’t need another Malcolm
Nor another Harriet Tubman
They served their time and purpose
We need a different outcome

Maybe you had a vision to free slaves
But to money, your heart you gave
Slavery still exist, it’s in your mind
Being generic instead of one of a kind

Chains on your neck plated in gold
Tell me, how many values were sold?
You embraced death and shunned life
You chose the path to go left, right?

Without a vision the people perish
Walking while they sleep
A dark reality looking nightmarish
But the light nobody seeks

©2019 Henry McLean Jr.


Independence Day 2

Tired of being a slave

Do this, do that

Who said I wanted to be saved?

Watch the throne where He sat

I told Him he wasn’t in charge

Took the crown, put it on my head

Used to be under control

Now I’m sovereign, King is my role

He said the wages of sin is death

But I haven’t seen a paycheck

Green stacks with a black maybach

YOLO till my last breath

Only way i surrender this throne

Is if I’m brainwashed or killed

It’s independence day, no holiday

This is my law, there’s no other way

©2019 Henry McLean Jr


Black History 3

2017 was the year

I finally shared my gift

I was an amateur

Christ is who I wanted to lift

First in the family

Second to be gifted

3 years since it was born

Took 2 for the world to see

Published a book

Nervous and scared

Of what people would say

When they finally take a look

Hopefully it’s the start of more

Won’t be in textbooks

Giving the next generation keys

To be apart of black history

You don’t have to be MLK

Impact doesn’t have a scale

Use the gifts you have

Create history for your family

©2019 Henry McLean Jr



28 years

Never should’ve made it

Life’s been a struggle

Sometimes a garden of tears

10,220 days

Should’ve been in the grave

Or simply another statistic

Yet overcoming my sinful ways

245,280 hours

It’s a drop in the bucket

Some people taking life

While I’m trying to empower

14,716,800 minutes

Still got a race to run

Can’t quit or be disqualified

Focused on the prize to win

Accomplished a lot

But done so little

Christ is the one I appreciate

Thank God I made it to 28

©2019 Henry McLean Jr

Stranger Things

“Hi” he replies
I reply “hi” back
He asks how I’ve been
I say “good” and ask it back

I remember his face
But can’t remember from where
My mind running blanks
I’m trying hard not to stare

He says “so you’re a Christian?”
I reply “yeah are you?”
He says “you could say that”
“Cool”, as I keep my word few

He looks familiar, but different
Do I know him from school?
From church or family?
I’m just hoping I’m not a fool

Our journey is ending
He walks away, but I ask
“What was your name again?”
He turns and says “Henry”

©2019 Henry McLean Jr



They watched him
On the old rugged cross
Heaven mourned
As they witnessed a loss

The Son of God
Who rose others from the grave
Now was under death’s reign
And unto it, his life he gave

Jesus, full of power
Now is empty of life
The enemy rejoicing
Mistaken that he won the hour

One final act
Seemingly impossible
Death was a contact
He broke the pact

Watching them marvel
At the fact he rose
The tomb empty
The smell of victory in His nose

He promised life to his disciples
Sealed by His Resurrection
Sin was a grave mistake
But He made the correction

©2019 Henry McLean Jr